Media Ambassador



  • 2000

    Media Ambassador was created in 2000 as the result of cooperation among several people who had worked together on various multimedia projects for different publishers and on television post-production. In 2000 we focused on Internet marketing.

  • 2003

    Until 2003 Media Ambassador was engaged mainly in the production of multimedia and viral marketing - working for Artegence, Bestfilm, Boots Healthcare,, Nestle,, Plus GSM,, Polsnack, among others. 

    The decision to export our services to western markets was the result of a coherent and consistent staff policy, thanks to which our experienced and professional team has been built. The result of this in Poland was winning new clients: Animex, ING Bank Śląski, Michelin,, Rzeczpospolita, Vision,...  In the US the most important clients at this time are: The New York Teaching Fellows and The Juniper Group.

  • 2004

    In 2004 Media Ambassador became a major client of one of the biggest firms in NY which deals with commercial platforms - E-commerce Partners. To meet their needs, we built an advanced platform for the management of product sales via the Internet. The application is constantly evolving, and is already in its third version. This platform has been the base for over a hundred large e-commerce projects since 2004.

    In 2004 Media Ambassador also began specializing in building Internet communities and activities linked to placement of services (SEO/SEM). In this regard, our cooperation with the Municipality of Wroclaw bears mentioning: ergonomic services, architecture and graphical planning of (unfortunately only partly installed by the city government), and involvement twice in preparation of one of the most important cultural festivals to promote Wrocław - Festival Wrocław Non Stop (2005 and 2006).

  • 2006

    In 2006 Media Ambassador won a competition to create a portal which would include all social and cultural activities in Wrocław. The project's realization awaits further decisions of Wrocław officials. Also in 2006, on behalf of the Artman firm (House brand), Media Ambassador gained the statuette of WebStarFestival (one of the most prestigious awards in Poland) for the best service in the category of "Clothes, Fashion and Beauty" in 2006. Our work also gained other award around the world, for instance from - The Favorite Web Awards.

  • 2007

    The company's continual growth caused a decision to invest in the Polish e-commerce market. Thanks to several months of cooperation with clothes company Artman and the confidence we gained, the advanced platform of our on-line service was been built. (This version integrates the platform with carrier, bookkeeping system, back-office, advance reports, statistics, promotions, users tracking and many other mechanisms). It is the first Internet shop of a well-known clothing brand in Poland. Turnover of the shop even after the first month of operations was several times larger than original expectations. 

    Now we continue to increase our group of regular customers, including publishers like Bauer and Vogel, Bayer, Żywiec Group, and Empik.


  1. Our strong QA department (Quality Assurance) - people who test usability, ergonomics, and accessibility of websites
  2. Our strong graphic design team - which is based on talented and permanent employees - our firm does not use freelancers. Media Ambassador is based on organic development and the synergy of skilled artists who have worked together for several years.
  3. Media Ambassador currently employs about 40 people, which puts it in the top ranks of interactive agencies in Poland in terms of staff size.

Current priorities of our company include the continual development of a stable team, further increase of skills and technological expertise - all of this is to ensure efficient, skillful service to our clients without problems.