Media Ambassador


Internet marketing

We will analyze the needs of your target group and methods of reaching them. We will do an audit of the current state of your Internet communication with your customers.

We will draw up a strategy of actions, and we will do them all - from particular advertising creations through marketing viruses, from games and art services up to corporation services, information services and e-commerce platforms. We will take care of buying media for your campaign and positioning in Internet search engines in order to enhance and strengthen the effects of the work. 

The results of our work will be constantly monitored and analyzed to see how to improve them and gain maximum advantage from them.


We will make a client profile and plan the structure and ergonomics of a site. We will program all necessary functionalities and mechanisms of the site. We will work out the navigation and graphical design. We will make XHTML templates and necessary multimedia elements, and we will program the whole service, both front-end and back-end. Before release, the service will be carefully tested, and after release, we will not only take care of its maintenance, but also its further development.

Graphical projects and multimedia

We can work out for your needs not only layouts for services and applications, but also create animations, program games, and prepare presentations. We will take care of creating visual identification, icons, and other necessary graphical elements.

QA (Quality assurance)

You already have a working Internet project, but it's not giving satisfactory results? If you want, we will make an audit of its usability, ergonomics, and accessibility. The result will be a report and a proposal for improvements, for example a change of structure and navigation, correction of graphical design, or new, corrected XHTML templates.

Legal advice and consulting

We help with advice about all aspects related to the Internet. It could be advice about authors law in the context of electronics media, regulations about Internet commerce, or help in working out the strategy or appearance of your firm, your products, or your services in the Internet.


Internet trade

Co ty wiesz o e-commerce?

Do you want to broaden the range of your services? Do you want to offer your customers professional online selling services? We are here to meet your plans and expectations!

  • Strong experience in the Polish and American markets
  • Reliable solutions proven by many successful platforms
  • Ergonomic interface which makes shopping easy for customers
  • Flexible platform which makes development easy
  • Professional management panel

E-commerce is our work, and we are the best in it.