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24.09.2014 A family workshop -

Recent implementation of Media Ambassador is associated with artistic and craft industry. E-commerce platform for the Ceramic Manufactory -, is dedicated to the ceramic components of architecture, crafted by traditional methods.

Specific character of e-shop, is related to the products - their range includes, among others, terracotta, cement tiles, tiles with rustic character and oriental (original Moroccan tiles) - for different places and applications.

Site design reveals the character of a traditional manufactory - dominate subdued, classic colors, arrangement of individual elements is characterized by high transparency and simplicity, and the whole is enriched by the elements in vintage style. Interesting is functional navigation, in which the main product categories are related directly to the destination of the product (floors, walls), further filtering allows to define the specifics. Equally important are the materials associated with the assembly and a professional care - materials dedicated to a particular type of tiles, are placed at the product site and on the shopping cart site.

Rogiński Artistic Workshop - Ceramic Manufactory, was established in 1989 and since then, its aim was to use traditional methods in the production of ceramic components. The founder is the famous graphic artist - Łukasz Rogiński, whose business continues the present owner, Grzegorz Rogiński, graduate of graphics and paintings of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Within the category of renovation, the company cooperates with many institutions related to museology and archeology. Oriental tiles come from manufactory from Morocco.

The further development of the platform, includes a site dedicated to solutions for architects - and development of section related with realizations, advices and propositions of interior styling.