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5.12.2014 The office dosesn't have to be boring –

We are proud to present the newest e-commerce service, that we have created. It is called and it is an office store unlike any other. It's a place where you can easily and conviniently order all the necessary office supplies – ranging from products associated with the daily work at the desk (printer ink, toners and paper), to the products that are difficult to find next to the computer or on the cupboards, but without which everyday office work would be impossible e.g. cleaning products and groceries. Atakto also offers a wide range of school supplies, notebooks, pens, pencils and many more.

The main goal in the creation and implementation of the service was to adapt it to customer needs, according to the principle that the purchases of necessary office supplies don't have to be boring. We have obtained this effect through intuitive navigation that allows for efficient and convenient way to view the site and find relevant products. It is especially worth mentioning that one of the key features of the website is the use of a dedicated search engine for in most significant categories - i.e. inks and toners for printers.

Furthermore, the layout has been designed in accordance with the latest e-commerce standards. We used an unconventional solution for managing and displaying the shopping cart and payments. The cart slides out each time when a product is added to it. We have also added a sticky header as well, which allows you to view the assortment without necessity to scroll up to the top of the page. Also, the presentation of the products has been designed in such a way as to allow for the best display of best promoted products. An important differentiating factor is the use of responsive web design, so that users can comfortably view the site on different devices (including mobiles) – the page itself adapts to the screen resolution.

Another element of the project is dedicated marketing strategy, created by Media Ambassador, which includes a variety of channels and tools. focuses on an informal, casual relationship with the customer, which is reflected in the direct nature of communication and unconventional, humorous product descriptions, both on the Facebook profile as well as on the website.

While working on our company has used from both previous experience with this type of selection and best, proven practices in the field of e-commerce services.

Enjoy your shopping!