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10.12.2014 – skiing your way!

Media Ambassador has had the pleasure of being involved in creating a website that is associated with active winter recreation. You can see the results on

This is the third website created by Media Ambassador on for the Mazur Company. Previously we have created the following services: and For now, the new website is availible only in the German, but we would like to announce that our team is already working hard on the English version. However, the site does not limit itself to selling products only in Germany - shopping on is also availible for citizens of other European countries (including Poland, which is one of the three countries to have free delivery when buying for a minimum of 150 euros).

The service is designed for both skiers and snowboarders who are looking for high quality equipment from reputable manufacturers. Alpinegap has an impressive range of assortment – you will find here products for women, men and children. It does not matter if you are an experienced skier or a newbie – you will find here products for everybody, including a wide range of well-known brands such as Atomic, Elan and K2. Moreover, you don't need a lot of effort to quickly find the desired product - friendly interface and transparent filter system assure that the system is easy to use.

What distinguishes Alpinegap from other stores operating in the market, is the possibility of using expert advice – when you buy your skis you don't have to worry about the proper selection of shoes and matching bindings – our experts will do it for you. Another feature worth mentioning is the presentation of the offered equipment, from the very beginning we have placed a lot of emphasis on the way products are displayed. As a result the visual part is at a very high level and gives you the opportunity to see all the details - which is a particularly important aspect, especially when buying this type of equipment. The products have also expanded descriptions with detailed definition of technical parameters.

The service has got a innovative, flat design, in energetic colors, encouraging sports activities. Enjoy your shopping and an active, but safe laisure time!