Media Ambassador



17.11.2014 Marketing cooperation with tołpa.®

Media Ambassador has got another opportunity to cooperate with well-konwn brand in cosmetic industry – tołpa.®

The main values the brand is trying to communicate to their audience are slow life, minimalism and the idea of smart shopping. Tołpa.® believes that „less is more”, especially when talking about cosmetics and daily skin care. These values are also confirmed by tołpa's.® main slogan: „Small, great care”.

The major task of Media Ambassador is creating and realising the marketing strategy which is aimed to increase sales of products. The strategy contains social media campaign, cross-selling actions, mailings and other unconventional activities included in comprehensive strategy, created by Media Ambassador. Media Ambassador is also responsible for the brand image.

Our every-day effort can be seen on tołpa's.® site on Facebook: see tołpa.® on Facebook